1st Blended Mobility (Spain)

From 8th May 2017 to Friday, 12th May 2017

Aims of the mobility:

  1. to enhance the international dimension of education and training, in particular through cooperation and sharing good teaching and learning practices from all the partners;
  2. to facilitate the development of skills and competences of non-formal and formal learning;
  3. to promote awareness and importance of environmental sustainability based on renewable energy resources;
  4. to develop innovative approaches in learning through fieldwork and practical training;
  5. to promote active citizenship and increase a sense of initiative in connection to environmental sustainability;
  6. to improve the level of key competences and skills of young people, including those with fewer opportunities;
  7. to improve foreign language and cooperation skills and share good practices of learning from different European backgrounds;
  8. to broaden understanding of practices, policies and systems in education, training or youth across countries;
  9. to increase the sense of capacity to trigger changes in terms of international opening within the participants’ educational organisations;
  10. to raise participants’ awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries, offering them the opportunity to build networks of international contacts, to actively participate in society and develop a sense of European citizenship and identity.
APPs produced by students
Blended Mobility Report