his project aims at the promotion of practices with the purpose of allowing all the participants to understand, appropriately, the concept of “sustainable development”, which is increasing more and more in our society and, at the same time, act as sensitizing agents, in the communities involved in this project.

Simultaneously we have a more ambitious goal: to create and implement practices that can be replicable and transferable to other contexts and even between countries, creating scientific literate active citizens. We intend to intensively use mobile technologies to keep information and to interact with the most direct participants and between the elements of the communities in different countries. The use of augmented reality combined with the georeferencing, will give origin to an interactive map containing the locations that will be intervened under this project. The use of QR Codes also provides another type of more dedicated maps for a localized slope. Given the different dimension of the theme sustainability, our action aims three main lines that converge to a major purpose:social sustainability, Energy sustainability and Environment sustainability.



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