Website: www.soukaravelov.hit.bg

Secondary School “Lyuben Karavelov” is established 30 years ago. It is situated in one of the neighborhoods in the town of Dobrich, Bulgaria. Dobrich is 50 km away from the third biggest city in Bulgaria – Varna and 30 km from the Black Sea. The students in the school are 7 – 19 years old. The students are about 598; the teaching staff consists of 60 teachers. In 1996 the school is among the first three in Bulgaria which included early language learning of English. In 2007 the school became a test centre of ECDL / European Computer Driving Licence / and prepares students from the school and from other schools to acquire two types of certificates: ECDL START and ECDL CORE. Except the General Secondary education the school provides training in two other profiles such as: Entrepreneurship and business and IT / Information technologies / after finishing 7 grades. The pupils at the primary level are 280 with 30 teachers. They have taken part in different projects: regional and national, winning many diplomas and certificates. The biggest project in which they have participated in was Comenius one, where they had as partners 10 European countries.

The skills and expertise of the key staff involved are hard working, motivated, experienced, devoting to their work, love working with children. The EU project coordinator has some experience in Comenius – Multilateral projects and Leonardo – Partnership. The key persons who will be involved in the project have a lot of experience in different EU projects, some of them teach the special subjects in English at the school. They are educated, motivated and creative.