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The Group of Schools Dr. Serafim Leite was created at the beginning of the school year 2012/2013, integrating Secondary School Dr. Serafim Leite and two Primary Schools with Kindergarten. With a diverse educational offer, we bet not only on vocational education, but also in mainstream education as a way to meet the diverse needs of students. This offer is primarily in the areas of Sciences, Informatics, Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Mechatronics, Arts, Commerce and Audiovisual, as a result of teacher training and investment of the Secondary School, in response to requests for training by the community.
Traditionally the school meets the training needs of individuals not only within the compulsory education, but also in adulthood through the courses of the Adult Education and Training Courses. In recent years it has been involved in the formation of foreign individuals, in the Portuguese language, thus contributing to their integration in the community. The basic and secondary School Dr. Serafim Leite, is located in Rua Manuel Luís da Costa, 3700-179, in S. João da Madeira, an industrial town in the North of Portugal near the city of Porto. At this moment over 1200 students are attending the Group of Schools Dr. Serafim. These students are distributed as follows: > In pre-school there are 6 classes; > In the primary school there are 14 classes; > In basic courses there are 14 classes and two of them are a Vocational course in the areas of Information Technology, Electricity, First Aid, Multimedia and Sports. > At the secondary level there are 16 classes of Vocational courses distributed across the areas of Information Technology (Programming and Equipment), Electronics, Mechatronics, Renewable Energies, Audio-visual, Communication and Commerce, 3 classes of the Course of Science and Technology and 3 classes of the Course of Visual Arts. At night courses there are 2 classes of Education and Training of Adults and 1 class of Sciences and Technologies and 1 class of Economics. The group of schools has got 130 teachers and 46 non-teaching staff.