Besides regular classes, a plethora of activities is offered to students. There are school choirs, a mountaineering club, a drama club, an art club, outdoor school, extra-curricular sports activities, extra reading activities (reading Slovenian, English and German literature), an eco-club, a school parliament, etc. Students take part in various competitions, e.g. in school choir singing, culture, sports, and in many school subjects as well. Many special events are organized at our school annually. We are closely involved in our local community and we also cooperate with other schools in our region. We take part in various projects that connect us to our local community, other European schools and institutions, and to schools from other continents (e.g. from the US).

At our school we develop a positive attitude towards school work and strengthen students’ creativity and innovative spirit. Our motto is We raise and educate the young to become honest and happy people. Cooperating with Focus Association for Sustainable Development is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical association of individuals. Their work covers the following areas: climate change, energy, mobility, environmental fiscal reform and consumption. Cooperating with HUMANITAS, society for human rights and supportive action, is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit organisation. Its principal aims are to offer assistance to less privileged groups at home and around the world, to represent and assert their interests, and to promote tolerance.

Their mission is to raise awareness of global problems such as poverty, over-consumption, the gap between economically differently developed countries and, through education and awareness raising, to encourage social inclusion and responsibility. Activities: • Child sponsorship • Fair trade • Responsible tourism • Global education Working with SPA SNOVIK is the highest altitude spa in Slovenia. Technical day in Snovik encourages the students to the knowledge and use of natural resources and energy in them strongly develop ecological awareness. All participating teachers use ICT when working with children. They have a lot of additional knowledge in their fields of work, e.g. with organizing events, making sceneries, dramaturgy, dance acts, composing music, translating etc. The team of teachers is a creative and communicative one, ready to take on new knowledge and it is effective in teamwork. Many teachers have experience in international projects or in mentorship. The school coordinator has experience in group management, organizational skills, she is precise, systematic and communicative. Coordinating the project of Testing of e-content and e-services and Global Teenager Project circles Promoting Communication and remote collaboration. Presentations at international conferences. Managing and organizing the international school projects. Geography Teacher Promoting • Use of GPS in geography lessons. • The active role of pupils / students in geographical online classroom. • Use of GIS for better spatial Media intuitive and geography lessons. • Didactic use of e-learning in geography lessons. • Participation in the online learning environment. Presentations at international conferences. Managing and organizing the international school projects. History teacher, Natural science teacher, English teachers are working in etwinning projects.