ES Ipagro is a middle school (12-16 year-old students) in Aguilar de la Frontera, South Spain, a town with a population of over 13 500, close to Montilla and Cordoba. Aguilar de la Frontera produces olive oil and wine and has a striking octagonal square, Baroque monuments and a handful of elegant mansions. To the south of the village we find a protected natural area, the Laguna de Zóñar, home to a great many migratory birds throughout the year. Our school is located in a working class neighbourhood, which is now expanding, so more and more students come from families with a higher income and better education. No big social nor cultural differences can be found in our 450 students. Only five of these are foreign. We have a group of 18 students with special educational needs. Some of the families of our students work in funfairs, so they leave town for some months and this creates difficulties in educating these young people. We also have 4 groups (one per school year) receiving bilingual education (Spanish-English) in Math, Science and Geography and History. We are also fortunate to work with a native assistant teacher. Most teachers in our school use IT in the teaching-learning process and we focus on values education (for peace, equality, environmental education), both in curricular and cross-curricular activities. (More information at: