Teachers Training (Portugal)


In the project we planned a Short-term joint staff training event s in order to provide all participants (teachers) the skills to produce mobile Apps, use augmented reality and QR codes, as well as knowing the online tools that will be used to explore and approach to social media and networking. The activity was held in Portugal, from the 9thto the 13thof January. Considering the strong IT component of this project, clearly assumed by everyone involved in this partnership, this short-term joint staff-training event was considered very relevant.

Before the event and under the partnership with the Centro de Formação de Professores de Terras de Santa Maria[1], we design a detailed plan of the training sessions.  The plan was submit to the Conselho Científico da Formação Continua de Professores, the Portuguese entity responsible to recognize the quality of the teachers training, and it was recognize as having scientific accuracy and pedagogical quality.

In this Training course for teachers, they will discover how to use the featured apps, how to use them, how to incorporate these apps in the subjects’ syllabuses and also to the goals of this project, and most important, how to engage and motivate their students to learn using 21st century technology. With this set of tools adding the augmented reality and georeferencing layer, all teachers will be able to implement mobile APPS that incorporate all the actions and research made about sustainability.

The staff competences after this training will be better in:- IT skills;

– Innovative teaching methods;

– Knowledge of the educational reality of the other European countrie;

In addition to the participants from the partner countries, 12 Portuguese teachers also attend this training courseThe Portuguese entity responsible to develop the staff training plan for the schools in a region.

Training Session - Day by Day
Pedagogical Materials
Apps Developed during the training sessions